The Power of being Broke

Recently going out for lunch with one of my newly met friend and i just realize the power of being...Broke. Although the guy is rich. He acted like he is broke and this struck me in the head. Like Grant Cardone said, you are not rich until you have 1 million dollars sitting in the... Continue Reading →

Paying attention

As a kid, we get whacked for not paying attention.  When we going to school, we also get whacked for not paying attention. However, when we grew up, nobody is going to whack you anymore for not paying attention. And this is what happen: You stopped paying attention to your health You stopped paying attention to what... Continue Reading →

Create your own Alphabet

A topic from my journal this morning. pretty cool so i will share it here Topic:write down 26 letters of the alphabet, one letter on each line down the page. Then go back to A and write down the first word start with A that come to your mind. Do the same for the rest... Continue Reading →

two type of freedom

I personally love travel for this simply one reason.Every single time i came back from my trip, i appreciate what i currently have and what's around me a lot more, and continue to strive for more. I would like to discuss the two most basic type of freedom. Financial free, and location free. Like T... Continue Reading →

Where is the school of mindset?

I had an opportunity to played tennis with a fine looking young man whose job is a salesperson for a school that teaches young athletic about mindset. I was so happy to see this kind of school actually exist! There are thousand of school in America teaching about application, aka the direct skill on how... Continue Reading →

The Education

The word Education came from the word educe. which mean to bring out something and expecting result after learning. Unfortunately our word right now is miss used this word and implied it to only learning, which out applying. Knowledge is power is the biggest lie in man kind. "Knowledge is only potential power. It becomes power... Continue Reading →

Europe trip reflection

In a few hours we will land in Detroit and go back to normal routine on Monday, I would like to take this moment to reflect the lesson learned during the trip to Europe. Factor in the quality of life in your decision making. After all, investing in real estate supposed to make your life... Continue Reading →

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