Rental Property #3

I am still too excited from the previous 2 purchase. I decided to get another one! but i am out of money! what do i do? Back then the economic condition is terrible and people is keeping cash. I went out of my comfort zone and asked one of the family member if i can... Continue Reading →

Rental Property #2

I was still too excited from the 1st purchase of my life. I ended up bought a 2nd one just a couple months later. I was a little bit short on money after the purchase of my 1st house so i asked a family member to do a 50% joint venture. we basically split everything... Continue Reading →

Rental Property #1

Rental Property #1 Here you go! ¬†Hey you have to start somewhere right? How I bought this property: This is the back in the day where you can cherry pick the MLS. This is the "simple" find after looking at 15+ houses with my broker. We simply put in the offer and get accepted. Since... Continue Reading →

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