Money makes you lazy

I didn't make this post to brag about this deal. But rather motivate and does show people that No money down deal does exist in real estate. even with this booming economy. Real Estate with a little creativity will yield an extraordinary result. Investing in Real Estate does require money but it doesn't have to... Continue Reading →

Your Inner Timeline

I came across many new investors today that asked a generic question: Is it a good time to buy or sell? the correct answer is that I really depend on you, what stage of the investment are you need? Are you in the expansion mode that needs to buy or are you cashing out and... Continue Reading →

Boring but Sexy

Hey there! Just want to share with everyone another simple and boring deal that generate over 100% return over two years. How many time have you heard people said something like real estate is complicated and risky? This is to prove that you can keep real estate as simple as it is and it still... Continue Reading →

A thought on my commission check

Just walked out of a closing and deposit a check in hand. For some people, they must be super excited and celebrate the night. Something inside me tell me that there is no time to celebrate yet. Don't get me wrong, I am excited as hell and actually went directly to the bank to deposit... Continue Reading →

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