September 22nd Revshare day

Catching up with my current 22nd check point now. What i do well: Helping agents on my 1st tier and 2nd tier with agent attraction. I couldn't be where I am today with out the helps of other so I am just paying it forward and help whoever I could. The group grows to 52... Continue Reading →

Investing vs Job

This line between investing and having a job is very blur if you don't have a solid financial education. there are great job in real estate that pay extremely well that could be mistaken with real estate investing There is nothing wrong with having a well pay job! However, if your goal is to having... Continue Reading →

Revshare August 22nd

This is a late post but oh well it is better than nothing. I just love the 22nd of every month as a check point to see what I did well, did not do well over the month to better plan for next month So what i did well in August: Get Wabsi Sabi online... Continue Reading →

The Coin always have 2 sides

I actually quote that directly from Robert Kiyosaki and take no credit for the title. The coin always has 2 sides like he said. And a prudent investor is the one that is standing on the edge, listen to both sides of the argument and making an intelligent decision. I thought I would share some... Continue Reading →

The Summit Note – 2020

I got a chance to sit down to organize my note. An awesome event so far. I got a chance to know my colleagues and business partners better and also know some cool people. Here are some highlights that I was able to gather. Day 1 The high light of day 1 is definitely Tom's... Continue Reading →

Revshare day!

Ins this article below, I will try my best to explain the Revshare paying structure in my old word. I just realized it could be difficult for some people to even imagine the possibility and their potential. This is the 1st draft as this article will probably need revision If Rent comes in on the... Continue Reading →

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