Below is the book that i am working on. hopefully i will be able to publish it soon. This page is edited and update on a daily/weekly basis and i continue to work on the book

Book title:

Twenties and 10+ Houses – Real Story, Real Example, Real People about Real Estate


Why my Chick-fil-a taste better than anybody else?

A real story about real estate investing

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Pre-word from pages? How can I get this?

Who is this book for?

First and foremost, I would love to say this book is for everyone but unfortunately it’s not.  If you are a lazy person, a potato couch who affair to take action, affair to go out of your comfort zone, I would suggest throwing this book into a trash can and moving on with your life. This book is not for you and probably makes you unhappy. Lazy is not a protected class fortunately.

Still reading? I am dead serious man. If you are already happy with your life, there is no need to continue reading. Popping a can of bear and sit in front of the tv after work is a lot easier than this. Let me be clear one more time: Investing in real estate is not easy, especially with a full time job and other responsibility in life. It required sacrificed, persistent, consistent, commitment, and the most important thing: the willing to do whatever it take to get thing done and move yourself into the next level. If it’s too easy, everybody would be rich already, right?

Are you ready for this?

Most people don’t.

For the rest of you that continue reading: let me guess, you are a hard and smart working person that realize something is not right about your life, about this economy,  about this country. You are looking for way to improve your financial life, to bring yourself and your family to the next level. This book is for you. You probably ask who am I that dare to write book that teach people about real estate investing, about money and financial freedom.

I am still nobody.

That’s right.  I’m no real estate mogul or the guy with billions dollars in the bank. I’m just the guy like you. I am not yet wealthy and I am struggling at this very moment trying to get myself to the next level.  My 1st job was selling ice cream at Marble Slab for $5.25 per hour 12 years ago. I cannot even speak English fluently and I have to work my butt off from 8 to 5 at corporate America just like everybody else.

What differentiate me from mass?

Before my 27th birthday, I closed on 10th rental house and I am working on my 1st Mini multi-family syndication deals. I control, manage and leverage more than 2 million dollars of real estate assets for my family and myself. I have been doing all this with a full time job. I also love play tennis. I ride motorcycle, I have a pet, a girlfriend, a mom to worry about just like anyone. I am not born with a silver spoon stick in my ass, I came to this country 12 years ago empty handed and planned to become a doctor.  Oh well, screw that plan. I could write another book about student loan and how F up it is.

There are two biggest scam in this country: First is school, and the second is all the mutual funds and 401k plans. I won’t be able to cover these two topics in debt, but please just open your eye and stop throwing your money away.

Enough about me already! What about you? Who are you right now? Who do you want to be 5 years from now? Can you answer even that question? Are you willing to commit and do whatever it takes to move yourself to the next level and redefine yourself?  Or are you going to cry and whine about your situation like a little bitch and use it as an excuse for not taking any action?

Look around you, if you want to become wealthy, at one point you will involve in owning real estate, one way or another. There is no way around it.

Real Estate has been, and will always be the best vehicle to protect, preserve, grow your wealth and pass it down to the next generation.

I challenged you to think past your lifetime and your children lifetime. Most people will say I am working for my child and I am doing everything because of my child. That’s just selfish man. Why don’t you think a little bigger and expand your thinking and action beyond your lifetime? Instead of working for your children’s future, why don’t you do something that your child generation and the generation after your child will have something to take on and build on, instead of expecting them to take care of you when you are getting old? Are you going to give them your lousy 401k that can barely feed yourself? Common’s man, give me a break.  Think bigger and act bigger please.

Bill Gate once said “If you born poor, it’s your your fault. But if you die poor, it’s totally your fault”

Let me give you another question to thing about: What will happen when the United States default on the dollars? In dead simple term, It will cost you 100$ to buy a tomato while your income level stay the same.  The question is not if, the question is when. If it’s not on your timeline, it will be on your kids or your grandkids timeline, you probably don’t think that far, do you? Stop being so selfish and think further, far and beyond your horizon.

Look at Greece, Venezuela, Puerto Rico and you tell me if i am bluffing or not

Real Estate is one way to protect yourself against such crisis. There will be no more middle class in America in the future. It’s gonna be a upper class, and a working class. The middle class is a myth. People will be either poor or wealthy. like i said, don’t believe a word i write. You can just go to google and type US Income growth and read the number yourself. the top 5% of the income earner accelerated by nearly 300% while the lower end stay pretty much the same.

Which side you want to be on? Do you want to be the person who receives the food stamp or you want to own the supermarket that take the food stamp?

With the right education, commitment, and attitude, you can save yourself from the next crisis and create an abundant of wealth for generations to take on.

Are you ready to begin your journey in real estate investing?

Are you ready to begin your journey to financial freedom?

I am and I already started

If you haven’t already, you need to do it not soon, but now.


If you are looking for practical and technical knowledge on real estate. you more than likely won’t find it here although i will still discuss a few. I felt like so many people enter this business with a wrong mind send. a mind set of i win you lose or the mind set of getting rich quick. they even have a wrong blue print. so many people crack and give up when thing get tough and start to hate real estate or wonder why. i want to wee out these people in our industry. If you don’t have a willing to help people or have a wrong mindset. please pick another field other than real estate.

This book is to set you straight in the mind before doing anything else.


Chapter 1: Using your unfair advantage to get started.  Everybody has one

Probably one of the hardest things investing in real estate is to get started. Just like every other investment, investing in real estate required money – either all cash purchased or down payment.  You probably heard of many real estate moguls out there preaching about the no money, no experience needed system to get started. Just stop for the moment and think about it for a second. If you have no money and no experience, how the hell would you invest, or how would someone let you invest in real estate with no money and no experience?

That right! You can’t.

Investing in real estate required one of three things: Time, Money or Knowledge. You need to have at least one if not all. With time invested, knowledge will come, the money will automatically follow. OK, that sound really long doesn’t it?

Or you can do what I did, acquiring the three things above at the same time using your unfair advantage. Don’t say that you don’t have an unfair advantage because everybody has one.  If you really don’t know what is the unfair advantage is, I would suggest you stop reading my book and picked up a copy from the bookstore. The author is Robert Kiyosaki.  You will need to straight your mind and find out the real reason why you want to invest in real estate.  Investing in real estate just because of the money is not strong enough. If you go after the money, you will be out of the game in no time.

Okay, let come back to the man topic how do you acquire more time? Everybody body has the same 24 hours a day.  Warren Buffet or Bill Gate doesn’t have 25 hours a day.  They have 24 hours, just like you. The key is to manage and do more with your time. If you have to sleep 2 3 hours less than you used to then I’m sorry. This is actually what it takes for a person to get to get him to the next level.

Prior to my 1st deal, it took me countless hours to study on financial education and real estate. I read books, attend seminars, talking with people in the industry, go looking at houses. I still do now and I will never stop. During my 1st deal, I didn’t know a single thing about contractor and contracting. I woke up at 4:00AM to go paint the house, went to work at 8:00AM then go home at 5:00 and keep working on the house until 9:00PM, not even mention the weekend. I did what it takes to get the job done. What is my unfair advantage? I have an 8 to 5 job that allows me to do this. Instead of whining and bitching about an 8 to 5 jobs, I accepted and thankful for having a job because it allows me to get a good mortgage, then I build my schedule around it to get things done.

Time is your greatest asset. You have to use it wisely.  Sitting on a couch, munching potato chips and watch “Dancing with the Star” on a Monday night is probably not a best use of your time. Go out there and make thing happen.

How do you acquire money to start the beginning? If you have a secret sauce for this let me know because I need it too. For me, it was about saving, it was about spending smart, and it was about working long and hard to get the extra money. Saving and spending is another board topic that I won’t have time to touch here. You can probably phone Suze Orman on “can I afford it” show and she can help you with it. I will try to be concise here.  Everything has 2 price tags. One is the retail price and there is the other price. The moment you learn and commit to never pay retail for anything, you already get your finance and lifestyle to the next level. Website such as will help you achieve this task easily as long as you don’t abuse it. Once you learn to control your spending, you will have money to save. Save it! This is actually your pre entrance exam into Real Estate Investing. If you don’t have the diligent and commitment to save money and select long term goal over short term pleasure, then investing in real estate will be almost next to impossible.

I’m no different. I faced the same difficulty when it was time to find money to fund my 1st house. However, here come the unfair advantage came to place. My parents was working for $10 per hour in a factory, and they have no money to spare for me. We have to manage our money very carefully in order to live in the United States during the first few years.  One may ask how such this financial hardship become my unfair advantage. Yes, it is very unfair for a 55+ year old couples to work night shift in a factory, however one of the advantage is that they don’t have to pay for their child college! That’s right. My parents’ low income allowed me to go to college almost for free. I was able to apply for Financial Aid, I kept my grade high and applied for every single scholarship I could reach my hand to. While other kids go to the school book store and purchase $1000 textbook for the class. I went on amazon, eBay for a fraction of the cost and sold it back when the semester ended. I live at home, ate at McDonald, drive a 98 corolla while my fancy friends live a king in a loft and party like a rock star. On top of that, I also took on a job while not studying and offer to a service to fix computers. My Ex-girlfriend broke up with me because I was cheap. I did that for 5 LONG years and here come the result at graduation. Of course, I am not the top graduating students in my class. While other kids graduated in debt, my bank account is exploded with cash the day I graduated.

That’s how I find the deal to find my 1st house right out of college.

Then there is knowledge, this piece of the equation seem to be easy but yet is the hardest thing out of the three to acquire. Your brain is the next greatest asset next to time. I would suggest be very conscious of what you put in your brain. Just like most people, it will be easier to gain weight than to lose weight. It will be harder to unlearn than to learn. Just like many people, I was not brought up in a wealthy family and I was not train to think like a wealthy person. I have to go through many paradigm shifts and empty my teacup many times in order to transform brain into different school of thought.  I laughed about the concept of OTM and OTP when somebody brought it up. I used to believe that you must do everything yourself in order to be successful and using other people money and time is cheating! I took me a couple years to unlearn that thinking. One of the podcast that I recently listened to has a very good analogy: How people usually check the expiration date before buying the milk? I bet everyone does. How many people usually check their expiration date of their idea before thinking? I bet a very few. It will probably sound funny but ideas and knowledge are expiring just like milk. Learning is a life long journey. You have to constantly learning new stuff and unlearn the outdated. The hardest part about learning is not learning, but to unlearn. You have to commit to learning until you are dead. You are dead anyway the moment you stopped learning.

With time invested, knowledge will come, then money will follow. It is as simple as that.

Chapter 2: Purchasing my 1st property.

Almost everyone started from a single family houses 2-3 bedrooms and 2 bath. Same story with me. After purchasing my 1st primary resident, I was planning to allocate a big budget to make my house the nicest house in the neighborhood. After all, I have to show some homeownership pride right? However, doing that will not put any money in my pocket and that make me think. I am driving around all the houses around my area and there are still so many of them on sale. After a little research about the rent and the PITI and all that i can learn about real estate at that moment. i decided to pulled the trigger and purchase a single family resident with one of the family member and rent it out. Best decision ever made

Chapter 3: Starting from the inside out, not outside in

This is the common pitfall on the roach to riches. There is a temptation on every person to look rich, to look wealthy. I know this well because I used to felt this way. Let me tell you, the wait to get really wealthy from the inside out instead of outside in is well worth it. Do you really want to own a dream car of your life and then drive it to work every single day? Or do you rather own your dream car and go travel with it? The problem with looking rich is that you do not have enough income to support the riches that you put on to your shoulder. It will stress you out. It will make you look longer and harder. You won’t be able to enjoy the thing you want to enjoy. Other problem with looking rich is that you will look empty inside. Have you ever notice in a coffee shop or in a shopping mall there is a gal or a guy that put on a set of expensive items on his or her body and try to act and look richer than everybody else? Do you want to be that person, or do you want to be so riches that you have no desire to show it every day?

If you want to be really wealthy, there is only one way: Get rich from the inside out. If your inner world is rich, your outer world will be rich. Your mind is rich then you will be rich. Your heart is rich then you will be rich. This explain why lottery winner lose all of their money within a few years of winning. Because they are poor from the inside. If you are poor from the inside. It doesn’t matter how much money you have even if you manage to get it. You will still be poor.

Chapter 3.5. The mindset

Rather than application. the mindset is actually want i enjoy focus on development. I believe that with the right mindset and attitude, you can eventually achieve everything you asked for in life. Most people come to do business with a skewed my mindset. All they want to do is make money by all mean.

Remember that an entrepreneur job is to solve problem and help people. The bigger problem you can solve, the bigger money you can make. The more people you can help. The more you will be wealthy. when you help enough people solve enough problem for the world. Money will follow automatically. Let me give you an example if you are still confused. Bill Gates help billions of people increase their productivity by having windows operating system, Since he help billions of people. he is a billionaire. Mark Zuckerberg help billions of people connect through Facebook. he is a billionaire. Robert Kiyosaki provided housing for millions of people. he is a millionaire

I get my mindset exercise by reading the book that support what i am doing,

By now, your mindset should shift from how do i make more money to  how do i help more people already. If not, you have a very high chance of becoming a crooked business man or worst, you will fail achieving your dream.

Chapter 4: Doing everything yourself – really?

Perhaps some will argue that getting rich is about self-reliant, which mean you have to know how to do everything yourself. I would think that a true letter, a true rich man or woman has to have the ability to multiply him or herself out. Please tell me a person that get rich all by himself without a team of advisor or anybody working for him. It’s impossible to do everything yourself and expect the result to scale fold.  As of a king will need good commander on his side. Your journey to riches will require you to gather a team of expert. You will need people that are like minded and share the same belief. You will need contractor and Property manager that you can trust and execute action on your behalf. Your kingdom won’t be running by you, it will be running by an army of men and women that you trust.

I don’t know what about you but eventually, I want to remove myself out of the day to day, even month to month operation. I want to multiply myself as much as possible and have the people that I trust run the business and make decision on my behalf. This is easier said than done. You have to kiss many frog to find the princess. You will realize that on your road to riches, you will find bad property manager, bad contractor, and people that give you bad advice. What would the king do when he realize that his general is bad. He slayed them. I am not suggesting you to lay people head off but you have to know when the people around you went bad and fired them immediately. Not that I said Immediately, not next month, next week, next day or in a couple hours. I learned it the hard way unfortunately. And don’t feel bad or sorry for them. There are crooks in the world at all age. You simply get them out of the way, learn your lesson and move on

Chapter 4: Learning how to count

This is really about scalability. At one point in your business you need to scale. I am struggle with this issue at this very moment now when i am writing this book you can’t go one by one forever. Remember, your level of riches is determined by how many people you help. If you are able to scale and help more people, you will become rich faster. If I have children, I would teach them to count like this: one, two, Three, Four, Five, all the way to ten. Once the kid get it, I will go ten, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty. Then One hundreds, two Hundreds, One Thousand, Two Thousands, Then Ten Thousands, A hundred thousands, ten Millions, forty Billions and so on.  If you want your kid to count to Billions. I suggest you do said I do, counting one by one from zero to Billions can take your whole life and you won’t be able to reach your goal.

Chapter x: what is your why

Let me just say this, if you don’t have a strong why behind everything you do. Thing will get hard and you will quit. If you think real estate is easy money, think again. The road to wealthy, especially in real estate is full of obstacle, you will run into many issues, making so much mistakes. Sometime you have to take a step back, take detour. Run into disappointment, disagreement.  At one point you will ask. Why I am doing this? You will start losing your will power …

Chapter x: a lesson about goal settings: Why does my chick-fil-A taste better than anyone?

Zig Ziglar once said this: how can a man hit a target he do not have? The answer is he can’t. But perhaps here is a more important question: how can a man hit a goal that he does not have?

Goal settings, lady and gentleman, is one of the basic but yet profound in any wealth building strategy. Not only goal, but it need to be a definately goal. Only by definite goal you will have definite plan of action to get there. other wise, it will be forever in your fantasy. Set a goal, and reward yourself reasonably (or unreasonably) and i promise you, life will be more rewarding. you will learn to appreciate the thing and the people around you better and stop taking thing for granted.

16 years ago, I was still in highschool and every other Monday i believe. Chick fil A would come and having a sale at school. Again, i was really surprised to see kids at school just spending the money they probably don’t make and take thing for granted. A Lot of them don’t even pray before they eat. Now i do have money to buy a chick fil A for sure. but somehow spending that money that not from me but from my mom and dad who work night shift to make a living make me a little bit hesitance to spend. I don’t feel like i earn it yet and i don’t deserve it. Of course back then I know nothing about goal settings but in the back of my mind. I am ready think that when i can afford a chick-fil-A. It will taste so good! It will taste better than anyone else. The taste of accomplishment and success is the best taste in the world that nothing else can be replace

The world number 1 Tennis player Novak Djokovic allow him one bite of chocolate and let it melt in his mouth when he was in the changing room after winning the Grand Slam championship. That’s all he allowed himself. I am pretty sure his chocolate taste is the best taste that no other tennis player will be able to have.

Now, I hope that you already realize that the point of this chapter is not about Chick-Fil-A or chocolate. It’s about the goal settings, commitment, persistent, and the willing to do whatever it take to achieve your goal. you can for sure reward yourself along the way for the simplest thing in life. You will find your life will much more flourish, more quality and most importantly. You will stop take thing for granted and have the right attitude to appreciate the people and thing around you.

The right attitude will make all the different!

Chapter x. An interesting chapter in Napoleon Hill Book:

If you studied think and grow rich by napoleon Hill, there is a long chapter he talked about nothing but sex. It is very interesting to since sex is the strongest of all positive energy. If you know how to direct and control this energy, it will help you create massive wealth.

It’s not until i read the book and i started notice what he said was so true. All the great poem, literature, was written because the author learn to divert the sex energy from something that could be destructive into  great spiritual and material thing. (give some example about poetry and literature here). I am guilty of this just like anybody else. when i was a teenagers and in my early tweenties. All i think about is love and sex and how to go out with a hot chick and build a family in my fantasy. I wasted so much positive energy into thing that can not retain any spiritual or monetary value on the past

for young boys. I know this is hard to do but all i call tell you is this. Focus on making your wealth 1st, then the ladies (good ladies) will automatically show up. you don’t have to look for them. Focus on developing yourself, be a good person, then the right woman will show up.

same advice for young girls.

Chapter X: control your spending

a story about going to starbuck in the morning and see a teenage spend 14 bucks for breakfast

chatper x: A weird dream

talk about a dream i had on 4/5/2016 about me trying to help a co-worker at work and she refuse to being help and back fire on me. She refused my help and said will report me do the manager for doing side business.

The point of the story is t-harv point, you can not help a person that does not want to help him or herself. This is not an fake intervention reality show. All you can do is set an example for people to follow and then may be, may be they will follow.

there is nothing u can do to help unless they want to help himself and it’s not your fault. this is not intervention show

chapter x: which of the if is your?

I took out a little section in think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill to talk about this. It is so important but yet so many people i see is a victim of this. Let me ask a question. If there is one thing that stop you from being wealthy, what is it? You will hear something like

if I have enough money

if I were born rich like [someone]

if my family support me

if i don’t have my kid

If i don’t have to work

If I can get a better education

If i know that guy earlier

If i don’t have to support my parents

If i have that special connection


How many more if do you need?

Chapter 6: Hustle, Hustle, and Hustle

If you want to sit on your ass, do nothing and still want to get rich. It’s a good chance that you are doing nothing but scamming people or falling into the dark side of wealth making

Real wealth come from hard work, and smart work

I have a friend that always tells me he doesn’t have enough money. I asked him what he is doing during his free time. He said TV Series. Well, and that’s why. Look around you. You probably know a person that do the exact same thing as well. Always complain about stuff but yet take no action to make thing happen. There is no secret of becoming wealthy. The moment you realize that the wealthy people work as teen times as hard as you and they are taking the risk 10 times as you would take. You will understand why they are wealthy.

Dude, there is no secret about getting wealthy. But if you really want one, I can tell you. That secret is called hustle. That secret is called hard work and commitment.

Chapter 8: what is a typical week of a twenties with ten houses and a full time jobs look like?

It’s varies, there is no typical week and that’s what I love about it. I would be bored to death if I woke up and today would be the same as yesterday. Since my day job is still holding me from eight to five pretty much every week. There are not much to say about it. What’s get exciting is the real estate that is happening around it and how I have to work around my day job to make thing happened while still maintaining high performance at work. Other than, working with the property managers and exchange phone call or emails throughout the week to keep the business running. I have to constantly looking for deals by searching on the MLS, or working with wholesaler. I come early and leave late. I use lunch time to go visit property, making offer, and go visit with my GC whenever we are rehabbing on a house. I work with my banks refinancing on a house, check on the insurance, property tax protest, follow up on my investors, etc…

Chapter near the end: The new door

have a chapter to talk about all the relationship that you recently acquire in 2016 just by showing up, helping people and hang out with awesome people


You still here?

 Well, i hope that my book didn’t piss you off. If it does, i’m sorry but i hope after you cool down, you will see some light and stop being a wimp if you are one.

I remember back when i was still in my country. You will get humiliate if you are overweight. The teacher will humiliate you in front of the class about your body. Did something stupid and you will get whop in the ass. Don’t do your homework and you will get a 0 infront of everyone. Overhere, it’s all about “protection, feeling” If the kid is fat we can’t say he is fat because it will hurt his or her feeling, no humiliation because it’s not the right thing do to…

For me I think our school system are raising wimp more than anything. If the kid is fat and you will keep him it’s ok to be a little bit fat. Guess what, he will eat more!

This book is not written to make you feel good. it is written to wake you up and look at the reality around you.It’s not ok to be fat, it’s not ok to be poor, it’s not ok to be lazy, it’s not ok to be negative.

A chapter on rethink of the worst

Most people will generally agree that the worst time period when starting up a business is the beginning period

I strongly disagree. It was at least not my case

The hardest time during my career is not when i started up. it’s when i made it.


Biography and Extra resource:

I like to spend time especially people with positive energy, my family, friends, my dog, reading book and travel. I have plenty of other activities to keep me fit both physically and financially such as technology, security, business, tennis, yoga, motorcycle, and most importantly – wealth management.

These are quotes that etched in my brain. i collected them not only from books but also from the people that i met along the journey. I live my life based on these quotes.

“Change your Input, Change your Output” Zig Ziglar
“Your income only grow to an extend of who you are and what you are capable of” T – Harv
“Action is the bridge between your inner world and our outer world” T – Harv
“Learning martial art so that you have an option not to fight” Sensei Hurricane
“The day you understand you know nothing about the market, you are ahead of the game” – JMB from ThinkorSwim
“2 thing a man need: a big dream and a teacher” – unknown
“life is a game, some play not to lose, some play to win” – Robert Kiyosaki
“While Win or lose is important, What more important is the way you win and the way you lose” – unknown
“Tennis is a mental game, you are missing the point” – Apei
“The current you and the future you is the same exact person except two thing: The book you read and the people you met”
“Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body and prayer is to the soul. We become the books we read” – Matthew Kelly
“Book will unlock your mind, and yoga will unlock your body” – I said it

I’m big on book as your can easily see. below is the list of book that I studied, definitely recommended if you want to get to the next level of your life

If you help enough people get what they want, you will get what you want

Organize and have a section of the book that talk about student loan and auto loan and money blue print. comming from a 3rd world country, it does not make logical sense to spend $4000 on paper (text book). are the American student go insane?

See you at the top – Zig Ziglar
Think and grow Rich – Napoleon Hill
Start with why – Simon Sinek
Shark Tale – Barbara Corcoran
10x Rule – Grant Cardone
Sell or Be Sold – Grant Gardone
The One Thing – Gary Keller
Secrets of the millionaire mind – T. Harv Eker
Real Estate in your Twenties – Ross Hamilton
Pitch Anything – Oren Klaff
The Real Crash – Peter Schiff
The Miracle Morning – Hal Elrod
All Robert Kiyosaki books and his advisors’ book
Serve to Win – Novak Djokovic
The Art Of Negotiation -Seth Freeman
The Art of the Deal – Donald Trump