A thought on my commission check

Just walked out of a closing and deposit a check in hand. For some people, they must be super excited and celebrate the night. Something inside me tell me that there is no time to celebrate yet. Don't get me wrong, I am excited as hell and actually went directly to the bank to deposit... Continue Reading →

What makes you happy?

I stumbled upon an interesting reading during my miracle morning, and want to share this with everyone. This is a "flow" chart of a person to determine their level of happiness. If you paid any attention during Philosophy 101 class in college days, you will recall that Aristotle came to a conclusion that a person wants... Continue Reading →

Tax value vs. Market Value

The other night I had a conversation with a potential client who might need to sell the house. I asked him if he has been protested his property tax  value to avoid paying more property tax. He told me something to the extend of this: " No I would never want to protest my property... Continue Reading →

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