The Cash Flow Note Pad

Most realtors want freedom

ImagiNe your life
without having to
chase the next
commission CHEque

Most realtors are stuck on the hamster wheel sacrificing their time and family life to make money, without real growth.

We help realtors achieve production goals, personal growth and financial freedom at the same time..

The Real Question

Why did you get into Real Estate Business?

Not to have another job

Imagine having a Real Estate Business that works for you, where the thought of getting your next commission cheque becomes optional.

CLIENTS seek YOU instead!

A Real Estate Business that works regardless where you choose to be.


Check out the blog where you can learn fresh perspectives of life and outlooks on the Real estate business. Get inspirational ideas to get you started, and learn how to grow your business today!


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Achieving Financial Freedom is the Ultimate Goal.

Most agents are not in it for the long term. They don’t get into the habit of growing and fall out after a couple of months. Growth is not automatic.

Growth is intentional

Most agents failed over the long term. They focus on the next shiny way to generate leads, but they forget to focus on the most important factor: the agent themselves.

It doesn’t have to be this way, if you have the right people in your circle.

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incentivize leadership

We develop real estate agents into top producers
then from producers into business leaders

Most agents get into the business to attain more freedom, but end up working more. Don’t let that be you

Been there done that

I made a lot of mistakes as a real estate agent.

Allow me to help you avoid making them too!

Huy has been through all of the hassles that realtors have to go through. He joined eXp when eXp was new, so he didn’t have the support yet.

For the first 2 years he felt lost, but then turned around his business, hung out with the right people and put in the work. With the help of a positive environment in eXp, he helps agents become Icon Agents. Huy leads a group of 200 amazing agents.

Are you ready for growth?

Book a qualification call now

What is it like working with Huy?

See what his happy team has to say!

Huy leads a strong team of vibrant and engaged agents who are seeking more than a real estate career…

Dawn Lin

Huy is a proactive, energetic, patient, hard working realtor with a great smile. As a closing agent, I enjoy our working relationship for the last four years. Huy loves his job as a Realtor and had placed his clients interests first, always following up every step of the way. Give Huy a call and your will be impressed with his enthusiasm and passion.

Christine Lin

It's always a pleasure working with Huy. Wonderful energy, good listener, great preparation and delivery of services. Huy made things easy and always followed through to endure all closings are smoothly done. We love working with Huy!

John Truong

Huy is highly professional, enthusiastic, has incredible efficient service that goes way above and beyond the call of duty for his clients. His knowledge of the Real Estate market is exemplary and he provides much more than the required services. Huy has earned my highest recommendation as a Realtor, and I would highly recommend Huy as your real estate professional.


What They're Saying About Our Work

Get Out Of The Rat Race

Discover What Awaits You On The Other Side

Call Huy today to uncover the secrets to a fulfilling and rewarding career with eXp!

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I’ve made a lot of mistakes in the real estate industry. By overcoming adversity, I’ve grown my business bigger than I ever thought possible. I want to help you do that too. Learn more on the blogs!

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Joining eXp is a simple process. Simply join me on a discovery call and we can discuss your transition into our supportive and engaging team so you can grow your business and live the life of your dreams now!

Revenue share is one of the most lucrative ways to diversify your income streams and earn more money with less effort. Once you’re on the team, you can help new agents to join eXp and start earning new income streams when they begin selling real estate! It’s that easy.

How can eXp help you?

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