Tax value vs. Market Value

The other night I had a conversation with a potential client who might need to sell the house. I asked him if he has been protested his property tax ¬†value to avoid paying more property tax. He told me something to the extend of this: " No I would never want to protest my property... Continue Reading →

G.W and his Hubzu story

I was never a big fan of Hubzu until recently one of my clients closed a deal with them fairly straight forward. I want to share with you a story from one of my client, G.W and how he was able to add another great deal into his rental portfolio. If you never heard of... Continue Reading →

How to buy house with no money?

Today I will host a book study regarding this topic. This is the book that we will study together. As you see, One of the big advantages of real estate is leverage. Investing in real estate involve money but it doesn't have to be all coming from your pocket. By master leverage, you will excel... Continue Reading →

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