Who just got screwed?

Well. I am in closing as of right now for almost two hour. and the two buyer in front of me can't wait until they get the house funded. They said the 1st they will do is paint the house. The moment i get the check. i will hit the publish button and post this. Instead... Continue Reading →

Mini Syndication – The story so far

After going back from the Syndication event. I am confident enough to pull the 1st trigger on a mini syndication deal with close friend and family. After months of searching and negotiation we were able to secured 3 townhouses next to each other Financing The way i structure the deal is pretty simple. each of... Continue Reading →

Real Estate Math 101

  I often freaked out when i see some newbie ran their number for their couple 1st deals. I was amazed because i really don't understand half of it. Tell me if i am lucky or not, but the 1st few deals of my real estate career, I don't understand a thing about cap rate. I have... Continue Reading →

The Mental game of wealth

the Tennis match yesterday reminded the importance of mental. In order word, your ability to handle and perform the task under pressure. Although i eked out a win. I did not satisfy with myself and my performance last night. I could have been way better, and it will be better from now on. The reason... Continue Reading →

10x rule reflect

If you are on the road to financial freedom. I would strong suggest to pick a audio copy of the book 10x rule by Grant Cardone. I will give you the super short summary of the book. Basically people usually under estimate the amount of work i take to reach the goal 10 Times. So... Continue Reading →

Miracle Morning

I don't know what to write today so i ll just write about my affirmation. The world No. 1 Tennis player Novak Djokovic is holding a his plastic cup every morning until he reach a real one. Here i am trying to write a fake check of Sixty Nine Millions Dollars until i get get... Continue Reading →

A Cleaner project

Okay, so everyone knows that this project is a nightmare. This one also happening in parallel with the other one but it's pretty much straight forward. This will soon to be my primary resident Check out the before and after picture. This is the 1st time we did complete bathroom build out and kitchen build out... Continue Reading →

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